‘No Hajj Without a Permit” campaign launched to ensure the safety and comfort for pilgrims

MAKKAH – The ‘No Hajj Without a Permit’ Campaign has been launched to ensure safety and comfort for pilgrims during this year’s hajj, according to Saudi Press Agency, citing Sheikh Dr Abdulrahman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Sudais, President of Religious Affairs at the Grand Mosque and Prophet’s Mosque.

Al-Sudais, according to the report made these remarks at the 48th Grand Hajj Symposium titled “Observing Syariah Permissions, and Adherence To The Regulations Approved In The Hajj Rite”, held on Monday (10 June).

He called on all parties to join the campaign and work with the security agencies that are implementing it.

Al-Sudais emphasized that without a permit, those infringing the syariah could commit a sin or engage in prohibited acts.

This refers to the requirement of capability, as well as the consideration of situations such as crowding, jostling and the importance of crowd control, including phased entry.

Report also states that hajj performed without a permit is against the rules and instructions intended to serve public interest. It emphasizes that pilgrims should adhere to the rules and not break or circumvent them.

Al-Sudais stressed the importance of adhering to hajj instructions, and obtaining a permission in advance. This ensures safety and comfort for pilgrims.

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