Oil tanker driver escapes vehicle crash near Kinabalu Park intersection

KOTA KINABALU – An oil tanker driver crawled from the vehicle when it overturned on the Ranau – Kota Kinabalu Road, Tuesday afternoon (June 11, 2012).

The 48-year old man, identified as Hamsa Ali suffered minor injuries during the incident.

Chief of the Ranau Fire and Rescue Services Department Ridwan Mohd Taib, said that a team consisting of seven men led by Becket Gmat was sent to the scene after receiving an emergency call at 12:35pm.

He said that when the police arrived on the scene, the victim was already out of the car.

The initial investigation revealed that the tanker truck driver had driven off the road, and then overturned.

The victim was taken to the district hospital and treated.

There was no leakage. Ridwan said that the operation was stopped at 1.31pm, after Ridwan had ensured there were no further dangers.

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