Over the last 18 months, National Blood Bank received more than 8,000 bags of blood from police.

KUALA LUMPUR – The National Blood Bank received over 8,000 bags from the police in the past 18 years, according to its deputy director, Dr Tun Maizura Mohammed Fathullah.

She stated that the strategic partnership between the Blood Bank and the police has been a great help.

“We are grateful for the 18-year cooperation of the police in the blood donation drives. They are heroes.

She said that she hoped the cooperation would continue as the blood bank needed a supply of blood to meet various needs.

To accommodate 1,000 patients, a daily blood requirement of between 2,000 and 2,200 bag is needed.

The Blood Bank must collect between 600 and 700 bags per day to serve 80 hospitals. She said that the blood would be used to its fullest and distributed as needed.

Tan Sri Razarudin Husain, the Inspector-General for Police said that the police were always prepared to help the blood bank with such a noble endeavor.

Nearly 100% of the personnel in the police force have donated blood. “Today, 400 police officers and personnel are participating in the blood drive”, he said. His speech was read out by Bukit Anman CID deputy Director Deputy Comm Datuk Dennis Lim Kwang Kenneg.

The IGP stated that the blood donation campaign is proof of close collaboration and cooperation between the police, the Blood Bank and the Blood Bank.

Over the years, the police have shown tremendous support for this program. “We will continue to help the blood bank in any way we can,” he said.

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