Pakistani army claims seven soldiers killed in bomb blast

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (Reuters) – A bomb explosion targeting a military vehicle in the northwestern Pakistan near the Afghan border killed seven soldiers Sunday.

The incident occurred in the Lakki Marwat District, which is located on the edge of an unruly tribal area divided on both sides by the border.

In a press release, the army stated that the improvised explosive devices exploded near a military vehicle and killed seven soldiers, including an officer.

It said: “The perpetrators will be brought to trial for this heinous crime.”

No one immediately claimed responsibility.

The tribal area has been a haven for jihadist militants operating on both sides.

Tehreek e-Taliban (TTP), an umbrella group of islamist and sectarian groups, has waged a war on the state in order to topple the government. It wants Pakistan to be run as an Islamic State governed by their own harsh interpretations of Islam.

Islamabad claims that the TTP leaders are hiding in Afghanistan where they have set up camps to train jihadist militants for attacks within Pakistan.

Kabul previously stated that the rising violence in Pakistan was a domestic matter for Islamabad.

In recent months, the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan has deteriorated. Islamabad claims Kabul does not do enough to combat militant groups that target Pakistan.

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