Penang residents can get 10,000 litres free of water every six months starting in July.

For the next six month, Penang residents will not be charged any fees for the first 10,000 litres per month.

The Family Friendly Rebate Scheme also offers a RM20 discount to large households with a combined monthly income of less than RM5,000.

Zairil Johari, chairman of the Penang Infrastructure and Transport Committee, said that the rebate and exemption will be available from July to December.

The state has noted complaints about the new domestic water rates after readjusting by the National Water Services Commission.

“Although Penang enjoys the second-lowest tariffs in the nation, many have complained about the drastic increase since the previous tariff that has not been adjusted after 31 years for consumption of 20 cubic meters and nine years other bands.

In a Wednesday (5 June) statement, he stated that the state had instructed Penang Water Supply Corporation to issue the rebate.

He said that the RM20 Family Friendly rebate scheme would now be extended to households with incomes below RM5,000, up from RM2,250.

Zairil has announced that domestic water consumers will receive a RM6.20 rebate on their bills.

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