Perak Immigration Department cracksdown on illegal foreign workers at night spots

IPOH – Ten foreign women were arrested in a raid on a local entertainment centre. They are suspected of working as Guest Relations Officers (GROs).

Meor Hezbullah Meor Abd Malik, director of Perak Immigration Department, said that the women were in a very weak and sweaty condition when they were found by the officers in an unventilated secret room.

He claimed that the Vietnamese women were believed to have been hiding in the room over an hour. The door was controlled by a remote control.

Meor Hezbullah made this statement in a Sunday (9 June) press release.

He stated that the operation began on Saturday, June 8, at 8:30pm and finished at 12:30am Sunday. Four businesses and two residences in the city were raided.

Meor Hezbullah stated that the raid was conducted based on intelligence, surveillance and complaints provided by the Department.

“Out of 79 foreign workers who were inspected, 42 had been detained because they committed offences under Immigration Act 1959/63 or Immigration Regulations 1963.

He said that all those arrested were aged between two and fifty.

He said that the detainees are being held at Ipoh’s Immigration depot to conduct further investigations.

We hope that the community continues to inform the Department to help us fight the illegal immigration issue.

He added that “the department will take strict actions against any employer who employs illegal foreigners in residential or business premises without valid permits.”

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