Perikatan will increase the use of social media in Sungai Bakap’s by-election campaign

Perikatan Nasional, the party that will be contesting Sungai Bakap’s by-election, will employ various media and methods, including social media.

Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi, Md Nor’s Perikatan election director, said “We will redouble our effort” after the coalition launched its election machinery at Sungai Bakap, on Saturday (8 June).

The Kedah Mentri Besar stated that the coalition will try to explain their mission and vision to people.

Muhammad Sanusi stated that Perikatan will continue to use social media as a part of its campaigning strategy, along with other methods.

He added that the party’s election machinery will also use traditional media and contemporary media in addition to ceramah events.

He said, “We’ll also go house-to-house and use every possible channel that we have.”

Muhammad Sanusi had earlier offered to sell the water produced by the Lubuk Buntar Water Treatment Plant (WTP) during his speech.

“I would like to announce that tonight, Chow Kon Teow. If Nibong Tebal does not have water, there is plenty of clean water available at Lubuk Buntar.

He said, “I’m willing to sell the water but I won’t give it away like Sungai Muda.”

He said Sungai Muda provides Penang with generous amounts of water. Kedah uses only about 770 million litres of water per day, which is half what Penang consumes.

This stark difference, he said, raises questions as to why Penang, and especially Sungai Bakap suffers from water shortages.

He said that despite having twice as much water available, Penang struggles to provide the water needed by the residents of Sungai Bakap.

He was referring to the problem of water shortage that has plagued the Sungai Bakap Constituency for six years.

Kedah also wants to reap the benefits of selling water.

The Lubuk Buntar WTP lies in Bandar Baharu on the Kedah/Penang border, only 16km away.

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