Police extend Zayn’s parents’ remand for six days

PETALING JAYA – The police has obtained a six day extension of remand for the parents who were believed to be responsible for the murder of Zayn Rahyan Abdul Matiin.

Magistrate Ainaa Muhamad Kamal granted the extension following a seven day remand which ends this Friday (7 June).

Fahmi Abdul Moin, the couple’s attorney, confirmed this matter to the media outside the courtroom on Friday.

After the couple were handcuffed by police and led from the court complex, they were surrounded by media.

There was a group of people, who I believe to be family, present.

Zayn’s parents, who were around 11am on May 31 at Puncak alam, were taken into custody to help with the police investigation for murder under Section 302 (Penal Code).

Zayn Rayyan’s body was found 200m away from his apartment at Idaman Apartment, after he was reported missing on Dec 5 last year.

The post-mortem showed injuries on his neck and body. This led to the conclusion that this man was killed.

During the investigation police forensic teams searched the area where the body had been found, as well as surrounding areas of Damansara Damai.

Also, 228 DNA samples were collected for a mass screening.

Investigators also brought in witnesses, including those who claimed that they had last seen the autistic boy alive.

Zayn’s parents had entered the Magistrate’s Court earlier, at around 9.30am Friday.

The initial remand of the married couple in lockup clothing was set to expire Friday.

Zayn Rayyan’s father, who was being closely guarded by the police, even said “I’m wronged. These are all lies”, before a group of individuals believed to be members of the family shouted at them before they entered the courtroom for the remand hearing.


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