Police urge people to remove their face masks before entering buildings in order to be identified.

KUALA LUMPUR – Police urge the public to remove face masks before approaching the front desk of any premises. This is for identification purposes.

Datuk Rusdi Mohd Isa, the Kuala Lumpur Police chief, said that this would facilitate facial recognition in case of a crime.

We ask that anyone who is delivering or doing any other business temporarily removes their masks to be identified.

He said that those at counters could ask people to remove their masks temporarily, when commenting about a bomb scare at the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry of Putrajaya, last week.

He said this at the ceremony of handing over duties between former Kuala Lumpur JSJ Director Datuk Habib Majinji and new Kuala Lumpur JSJ Director SAC Mohd Razali Mohd Indrus.

Habibi, who was the assistant chief director of forensics at D10 Bukit Aman, will replace Datuk Chandrasekaran (56), who passed away on June 1.

He said that police were still investigating the bomb threat and would be distributing a photo of the suspect in the near future.

He said that police had a lead, but was skeptical and the investigation is still ongoing.

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