Premier says Sarawak will lead the way in green technology by establishing a new high-tech facility.

KUCHING: Premier Tan Sri Abang Johari opensg says Sarawak has taken a step forward to pursue green energy, with the opening of an electrolyser distribution and assembly facility that will increase hydrogen production.

He said that the facility will produce electrolysers for the conversion of water molecules to hydrogen.

He told reporters that the new facility, located at Demak Laut industrial park in this city on Thursday (6 June), was a “game changer” because it produces its own electrolysers. This will lower the cost to convert water into hydrogen.

Electricity is used to split water into hydrogen & oxygen.

The Sarawak Electrolysers Assembly and Distribution Facility is a joint venture between SEDC Energy Sdn Bhd and PETRONAS’ Lestari H2GaaS.

Abang Johari stated that the collaboration was a result of his visit to PETRONAS Bangi’s research facility in 2022.

I asked PETRONAS to provide us with this technology.

He said: “We are now able to build a plant with SEDC Energy that will not only supply the domestic market but also users outside Sarawak.”

Abang Johari said that he would also provide funding to SEDC Energy, and Lestari for research into reducing power consumption when producing hydrogen.

In Kuching’s future public transport system, hydrogen will be used as a fuel for autonomous rapid transit vehicles (ARTs) and buses.

SEDC Chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Husain stated that the facility has an initial production capacity of 50MW per year.

According to a general rule, electrolysers with 50MW can produce 25 tons of hydrogen.

He said that the plant could reach 75MW, and his goal was to achieve 500MW annually.

Abdul Aziz said that the facility has received orders outside Sarawak. Three megawatts of electrolysers are expected to be shipped before the end of this year.

He added that there is a high demand for electrolysers, as world production capacity is limited.

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