President Cuepacs is concerned about the “retention” of corrupted staff.

PETALING JAYA – Cuepacs has acknowledged and taken seriously the warning from the Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission that some enforcement agencies still ‘keep’ corrupted and problematic officers.

In this case, Cuepacs and EAIC are on the same page. Any department head who does not take action is guilty of an offense.

In a Friday (June 14, 2016) statement, Cuepacs President Datuk Dr Adnan Mat said: “The Prime minister himself has recommended that department heads will not be promoted when there are malpractices or issues of integrity in the department or unit. Or if no action is taken or reported.”

He added that “while Cuepacs takes the matter seriously, it is confident it was only a small number of department heads who did not care about abuse of power or corruption in their departments.”

Dr Adnan stated that civil servants can be punished with a warning, fine, forfeiture or emoluments of emoluments and deferred salaries, as well as demotions, demotions, and even sacking, if they are found to have violated any laws in place.

“Leaders should be brave and take bold action to avoid unethical behavior in the civil services.”

“If department heads have the authority to act and fulfill their responsibilities, the organization will be more progressive and competent.

Dr Adnan stated that wrongdoings in the civil services must be stopped, and this includes hiding or allowing such behaviours to continue.

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