Pulau Banggi residents grateful for improvements in quality of life

KOTA KINABALU – Since solar energy was installed in their homes, 700 villagers in Pulau Banggi, Kudat, from Kampung Rahmat, Kampung Rahmat, and Kampung Dogoton have enjoyed safer conditions, an environment that is more conducive to learning, and the ability to work in the dark.

A recent event in the island’s capital, celebrating PETRONAS 50th anniversary activities and honouring important locations and events from the company’s history, highlighted the improvement in the quality of life of these communities.

The company’s Floating Gas team installed solar power systems in 140 homes, and three surau, at the villages as part of its Uplifting Lives – Rays of Hope program.

“Since the last year, much has changed. We used to use oil lamps and those with the money would purchase electric generators.

In a press release issued by the team, Dahim Saludin, the village head of Kg Dogoton, was quoted in the statement as saying: “Now everyone in the village will enjoy a constant supply of electricity, day and evening.”

Mimih Jabarul from the same village said that solar power had made life easier and “we also felt safer walking outside at nights as the road was brighter.”

Amilyuddin Salibin, the village head of Kg Rahmat, said that there is an increased enthusiasm among students to improve their academic performance and study.

In the past, generators were only able to be used for three hours.

He said, “Now that I can work night shifts, it helps me to fulfill my role as village chief.”

Siti Abdul Wahab, general manager of PETRONAS’ regional office in Sabah and Labuan, said that the company is grateful for the chance to improve the lives of locals as part of their social impact program.

A commemorative torch lit during the event was part of the “Journey of the Twin Torches”, a nationwide tour.

The torch will be one of two that travels across Malaysia, to places and events of special significance for the legacy of Petronas.

On August 17, the two torches will meet in Kuala Lumpur.

PETRONAS 50 Dreams is one of the programmes planned to celebrate the 50th Anniversary. It aims to fulfill 50 dreams across the country during the festive season, according to the statement.

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