Qualcomm claims laptop users will abandon power bricks

Qualcomm Inc. said that laptops with its new chips can be used as often as the user wants without worrying about the battery.

Qualcomm, based in San Diego, is supplying the semiconductors for Microsoft Corp.’s new Copilot+ PCs. These feature Microsoft’s best and latest artificial intelligence enhancements. Microsoft and Qualcomm both said that the chipmaker’s hardware was essential to make those AI enhancements possible, and to process them in a way that allows devices to run for long periods without needing to be recharged.

In the keynote speech of Qualcomm at the Computex show, Cristiano Amon, chief executive officer said: “We are really making history and the industry has started to notice.” “I think it’s just as important as Windows 95.”

Qualcomm and its peers have been working for more than 10 years to reduce the dependence of the PC market on Intel Corp. They’ve also tried to provide a new set of components based on the Arm Holdings Plc tech that dominates the smartphone industry. Amon stated that Windows laptops using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Elite systems would have up to twice as long a battery life as their traditional counterparts. Amon said that when running AI features the power efficiency would be 100 times higher.

Amon’s optimism about new products is part of an attempt to diversify Qualcomm revenue sources. The company’s mobile chip technology is ubiquitous in the smartphone market, but it lags behind rivals in some segments. Amon said that the greater efficiency and connectivity of Qualcomm’s products would help it gain share in new markets such as automotive and computing.

Microsoft announced its Copilot+ computers with artificial intelligence last month. Microsoft announced that Surface machines – based on Qualcomm processors – will have more power than Apple Inc.’s MacBook Air. Lenovo Group Ltd., Dell Technologies Inc. and Asustek Computer Inc. are some of the partners that have announced they will release Copilot+ laptops powered by Snapdragon chips.

Amon, wearing white sneakers with a Copilot logo on them, said: “Qualcomm will be here to stay. We’re not leaving. And we’re happy to work with our partners.”

Amon and Microsoft Windows chief Pavan davuluri hugged each other on the stage to show the warmth of their partnership. Davuluri spoke about the importance of their collaboration earlier that day at the Advanced Micro Devices Inc keynote address with CEO Lisa Su.

This AI-based push could give a new impetus to an effort which has so far failed to dent Intel’s dominance of PCs. Qualcomm must capture the attention of consumers and ensure compatibility with PC software and peripherals.

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