Rebates for six months of free water

George Town: Following widespread criticism of its new domestic water rates, introduced in February by the Penang Government, it has decided to give consumers the first 10,000-litres free water for the next six month starting July.

This rebate is a savings of RM6.20 for Penang residents, who are billed every two months for water.

Zairil Johari, chairman of the Penang Infrastructure and Transport Committee said that larger households with an income below RM5,000 would receive a RM20 refund under the Family Friendly Rebate Scheme.

The exemption and rebate will run from July to December.

The state has taken note of the complaints about the new domestic water rates after the National Water Service Commission readjusted them in February.

The new tariff rates are still the second-lowest tariffs in the country, but many people were unhappy with the dramatic increase compared to the old tariff that was adjusted after 30 years for the first band (20 cu m) and 9 years for all the other bands.

In a press release yesterday, he stated that the state had instructed Penang Water Supply Corporation to offer a rebate for residents of Penang.

Zairil says that the rebates reduce the financial burden on the people.

Water would be free up to 10,000 litres per bill in the six-month period from July through December.

He said that the RM20 Family Friendly rebate scheme would be extended to households with incomes below RM5,000, up from RM2,250.

Zairil stated that all domestic water users would receive a rebate for each bill of RM6.20.

He added: “For example, consumers in the second band who are billed RM30 only have to pay RM23.80 (RM30 minus RM6.20).

Around 660,000 PBAPP accounts are held in Penang.

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