Regaining the M’sian spirit

PUTRAJAYA – To help their leaders negotiate for independence with the British, Prime Minister Datuk seri Anwar Ibrahim recalled that poor parents of the time were willing to sacrifice their jewelry, including rings, bracelets, and necklaces, to finance the trip.

He said, “Yet this spirit can sometimes fade as we get caught up in our own self interest without considering the welfare of people.”

The Prime Minister announced that the government launched the Madani Nationhood Training Module to show its love for the country.

The module will also help us understand the history of our nation and the contributions made by past leaders and warriors, he said.

The module, he said, is based upon the Federal Constitution’s principles and aims to express appreciation for Malaysians for their contributions in the fight for independence.

In this module, we’ll learn about and respect the sacrifices made by the leaders of Sabah, Sarawak, and the Peninsula.

He said that despite their importance, we don’t have to stay in the past. Everyone should learn from them, and help raise the dignity of our nation.

In his keynote address at the launch of this module, he said: “I invite each of you to get on track and elevate the country, with confidence, in a spirit of unity, with love for the nation as well as the belief that…this country can be…a great nation in front of the world.”

The module is available to all Malaysians interested in learning more about our country’s past and the sacrifices made by its leaders.

Anwar emphasized the importance of policies that strengthen both internal strengths and external investments.

“Malaysia is a trading nation that requires core strength, but also confidence and investment.”

He encouraged the youth to take advantage of technological advances, pointing out that Malaysia is a recognized leader in semiconductor manufacturing.

All major companies working in digital, new technologies and AI (artificial Intelligence) will be entering Malaysia, including Microsoft, Google, and leading semiconductor companies of Europe. These opportunities must be seized by the youth.

The Prime Minister said that “new challenges with an emphasis on new energy, AI and digital require new measures with a fresh spirit.”

He said that Akademi Kenegaraan Malaysia is also being established to foster the best qualities in youth, and instill their love of country.

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