Reports from RIA: US soldier detained in Russia pleads guilty to threats charges

U.S. serviceman Gordon Black has pleaded partially guilty and not guilty of charges that he threatened to kill his girlfriend, according to RIA, a Russian news agency.

According to the state Russian agency reporting on Black’s second court appearance in Vladivostok in Russia’s Far East region, the U.S. Soldier, who was detained by Russian authorities in May 2 after being stationed in South Korea, spoke through an interpreter in court.

Black was quoted by RIA as saying “No” (I do not plead guilty to threatening death). “Partially, there was no intention.”

Black was arrested on suspicion of stealing money from his Russian girlfriend. Russian independent media cited local prosecutors to report that he was also charged for threatening her.

RIA reported Black pleaded to theft charges but that he would enter a later plea and that he co-operated with the investigators.

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