Retiree lost RM45,000 in blackmail scheme

JEMPOL : A retired man lost nearly RM45,000 to a woman blackmailer who had recorded him in a compromising position during a telephone conversation.

Supt. Hoo Chang hook, Jempol Police Chief, said that the retiree’s problems began on May 29, after a woman believed to be an alien contacted him through Facebook Messenger.

The woman then started communicating with the victim after asking for his mobile phone number.

He said that on June 3, a woman who was bare-legged called the victim to ask him to take off his clothes.

Supt. Hoo reported that the man was driving and had pulled his pants down, revealing his genitals.

He said that the conversation lasted approximately one minute.

The victim was sent a short video clip showing her face and genitals.

The woman said she would not release the clip unless he paid 15mil rupiahs, which is about RM4,330, to erase it.

He said that the clip was sent to him and his friends if he did not pay.

The victim asked the woman to lower the amount to RM2,000.

Supt. Hoo stated that the victim then deposited the money into a foreign bank account.

The suspect continued to contact the victim from June 5 to 7, asking for additional money.

The victim transferred RM42,500 via five transactions to the woman.

“On the 8th of June, the woman called again and demanded another RM58.500.

He said that because the victim did not have any savings left, he decided to file a police report. The victim later told his sister and wife about the incident.

Supt Hoo stated that the case was being investigated under Section 384 (extortion) of the Penal Code, which is punishable by a prison term up to 10 year, a fine or whipping or two of these punishments if convicted.

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