Sabah divers’ club slams reckless spearfishing video, calls for marine protection

KOTA KINABALU – A diving club has condemned scuba diver’s actions who used spearguns in the district of Semporna on Sabah’s eastcoast.

Sim Fui, the president of Sabah Dive Squad, expressed his concern after a video purportedly showing the divers in action appeared on social media.

He said that the act was not only illegal as declared by the Fisheries Department of the state, but it also went against the values and principles upheld by our club.

Sim stated that the actions of the people in the video do not reflect the ethical and practice of responsible diving which emphasizes conservation and respect of marine life.

“Furthermore using a scuba speargun poses significant safety risk as such actions can accidentally harm other nearby divers, creating a hazardous underwater environment.

Sim continued, “The safety and well-being of divers is paramount. This reckless behavior cannot be tolerated.”

The 25-second video clip, which was filmed, is believed to have taken place near an island just off Semporna. It shows a diver stroking a turtle’s head before kicking it.

Divers have also been spotted shooting fish with spearguns on the seabed or coral reefs.

The state Wildlife and Fisheries Departments both said that they are investigating the video.

Sim called on all divers to follow the laws and regulations of the country, and to be good stewards to the marine environment.

He said: “Let this accident serve as a constant reminder that we all have a responsibility to preserve and protect the underwater world, for future generations.”

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