Sabah Public Works Department is urged to intervene on Pan Borneo Highway delays

KOTA KINABALU – The Sabah Public Works Department was urged to intervene in the 30 month delay of the WP01 Pan Borneo Highway Project between Sindumin & Kampung Melalia. This could include replacing the contractor.

Sindumin assemblyman Datuk Yusof Yacob stated that the RM483mil construction project is expected to be completed in 24 months after its start date of Dec 3, 2019.

He said that the project was to be finished by December 2021. However, 30 months after its completion, only 74% of it is complete.

Yusof also added that the contractor requested four extensions. The first was for 70 days. Next, it was 220 days. Finally, another 730 days. And finally, the final extension of 267 days. This new completion date is now June 12, 2025.

We are concerned about the delays, and we urge Public Works Department and consultants to resolve the issue. The ability of these contractors to complete the project is in question, given that they have requested four extensions.

“I insist on behalf of the people in Sipitang that the construction phase for the Pan Borneo Highway WP01 (WP01) be completed as soon as possible. The appointed contractor may need to be replaced, or a (rescue contractor) should take over in order to complete the project on time.

“While I do not have a personal problem with the contractors, it is the people of Sipitang who use this daily route that are my main concern,” he said.

Suhaibun Matusin, the WP01 supervisor of Public Works Department Sabah, briefed Yusof who is also chairman of Qhazanah Sabah Berhad, Datuk Matbali Muah from Sipitang, and Ak Raimy Pengiran Abdul Rahman, the Sipitang district officer, on the 28,3km construction phase for the Pan Borneo Highway WP01 between Sindumin and Kampung Melalia.

Yusof stressed the importance of building the Pan Borneo Highway for residents of Sipitang. This would connect to the Pan Borneo Highway in Sarawak, which is now complete.

He also highlighted the fact that user safety was not prioritised. Citing issues such as lack of signage, especially on detours, this has led to accidents and wrong turns for drivers, especially from Brunei and Sarawak.

Detour routes have potholes and stagnant water due to lack of drainage. They also have uneven roads that pose a risk to road users.

He said that the Pan Borneo Highway is currently understaffed in terms of workers and machinery. The relocation of water pipes, utility poles and fibre optics remains unfinished in certain areas.

Yusof noted that the access roads leading to villages and homes of residents along Pan Borneo Highway WP01 were not properly maintained.

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