Saudi Arabia celebrates World Environment Day by focusing on land preservation

RIYADH (Xinhua), June 5 – Saudi Arabia hosted World Environment Day 2020 on Wednesday under the theme, “Our Land, Our Future,” focusing on land preservation, drought resilience, and land conservation.

World Environment Day, led by the United Nations Environment Program(UNEP), is celebrated by more than 150 countries worldwide every year.

Saudi Environment Minister Abdulrahman Abdulmohsen AlFadley addressed the event and highlighted the Kingdom’s efforts to preserve land, reduce degradation, foster vegetation cover, biodiversity and food and water security. He also spoke about the adaptation to climate change and the improvement of the quality life.

AlFadley stated that Saudi Arabia would host the 16th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (COP16) in December. Saudi Arabia hopes to strengthen global action to fight land degradation and the effects of drought which affects more than 3 billion people around the world.

Inger Andersen is the Executive Director of UNEP. She noted that World Environment Day was an important day to increase efforts and create positive changes to tackle the challenges of water scarcity, loss of arable lands due to unsustainable activities, and climate change which affects human health and quality.

She added that to improve strategies and overcome these challenges, it is necessary to have a collective responsibility as well as regional and international collaboration.

She said that China is making a lot of efforts to protect the environment. It is something very impressive.”

Since 1973, World Environment Day is the largest platform for environmental outreach. Millions of people around the globe are actively involved in protecting the planet.

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