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25 days ago
🌟 Understanding Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) Made Easy! 🌟

Wondering what MDR is? 🤔 Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) is simply the small fee that businesses pay to their bank for every credit or debit card payment they accept. It's a bit like a service charge for making transactions smooth and secure. 🏦💳

But here's the thing - not all banks charge the same MDR! 🚀 Different banks might offer different rates based on your business type, how many sales you make, and the kind of cards your customers use.

Curious to find the best rate for your business? Let's chat! 📞💬 Reach out to us at +6016-3850232 (Call/WhatsApp) to discover how we can help you save on these fees and keep your business booming! ✨

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