Selangor’s top cop: Zayn-Rayyan murder: Extending parents’ remand is dependent on the results of the investigation.

Selangor Police Chief Comm Datuk Hussein Omar Khan says that the outcome of the ongoing investigations will determine whether or not the parents of Zayn Rahyan Abdul Matiin need to be remanded.

When contacted Tuesday (June 4) he stated, “The extension will be dependent on the results of the questions asked during the first remand time period which is up to June 7.”

He said that the investigation was ongoing.

Both parents were arrested on Friday, May 31 in Puncak alam.

After their arrest, the police called up three other individuals, including former babysitters of autistic children.

Zayn Rayyan, who was reported missing on Dec 5 in Damansara Damai was found dead near a stream 200m away from his apartment at Idaman Apartment.

After a post-mortem, injuries were found on his neck and other parts of his body. This led to the conclusion that he was dead.

During the investigation police forensic teams searched the area where the body had been found, as well as its surroundings.

Two hundred and twenty-eight samples were collected for a mass DNA screening.

Investigators also brought in witnesses, including those who claimed that they had last seen the boy.

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