Sg Bakap Polls: BN pledges support to Pakatan candidate

Barisan Nasional pledges its support to the Pakatan Harapan nominee in the upcoming Sungai Bakap By-Election.

Penang Barisan Chairman Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir stated that it was vital to win the victory for the Unity Government and take the seat away from Perikatan Nasional.

“The old book is over and we have a brand new one.

People ask if MCA or MIC will support the unity government at the by-election. “I said that here in Penang we work together and both parties have stated they will support Pakatan,” said he in his speech at the launch of unity coalition’s election machinery on Sunday (9th June).

Musa, also the Penang Umno leader, stated that the Barisan machine is ready to win the Pakatan candidate.

He said, “With us all together, we’ll start a brand new spirit and a united machinery.”

RSN Rayer, a Jelutong-based MP, said earlier that the Indian community of the state and Sungai Bakap has always supported Datuk Seri Ibrahim.

We know that he is developing various plans and programmes to benefit the public.

He said: “Therefore I urge my friends to not be swayed, by irresponsible groups urging us to not vote.”

At the launch of the election machinery of the Unity Coalition, hundreds of supporters of both Pakatan as well as Barisan attended.

Also present were PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli, Penang Pakatan chairman Chow Kon Yeow and Sungai Bakap by-election director Datuk Dr Mohamad Abdul Hamid.

Leaders of the unity coalition from Penang Kedah Perak were also present.

Sungai Bakap’s state seat became vacant after the death of Nor Zamri Latiff (56), a first term assemblyman. This occurred on 24 May.

According to the records of the Election Commission from the previous state election, Sungai Bakap has 38 409 voters. The majority is Malays (59.36%). This is followed by Chinese (22.54%), Indians (17.39%), and others (0.71%).

On Thursday, June 6, the Election Commission announced that voting will take place on July 6 and nomination day is on June 22.

Nor Zamri, who was receiving intensive care at Hospital Seberang Jaya’s intensive care unit at the time of his death, died on May 24, at 1:38 pm.

Nurhidayah Rose, the Pakatan Harapan candidate from Pakatan Tebal, was defeated by Nibong Tebal PAS’s leader Nibong Tebal in the state elections of August 2023.

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