Sibu Hospital’s deputy director says that blood donors over 30 make up the majority in Sarawak.

Sibu Hospital’s deputy director, Dr Nizam Ishak, said that most blood donors in Sarawak were over 30 years old.

He said that in Sibu, there are over 80% of regular blood donors as opposed to only 65% on Peninsular Malaysia.

“Sibu registered 86.5% regular donors in the last year (2023), while we will reach 83.7% in 2022.

We still need blood donors. “We advise them to maintain a healthy life style,” he said on the sidelines World Blood Donors Day, held by the Malaysian Red Crescent Society Sibu Branch on Sunday (9 June).

Dr Nizam stated that people from all ethnicities in this state have a large number of blood donors who can treat disease with their special blood types.

He hoped to see more blood haematologists sent to Sarawak.

According to him, if more specialists were employed in Sarawak, they could screen and identify donors.

He also stated that these experts could optimise the use and treatment of blood donors not only here in the United States but also in other nations.

He said that there were five experts of this type in Sarawak, two in Kuching and the other three in Sibu Bintulu Miri.

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