Six Indonesian fishers arrested for fishing in Batu Pahat waters

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency detained six Indonesian fishermen for fishing illegally in the waters near Batu Pahat.

Mohd. Haniff Mohd. Yunus, Maritime Commander of the MMEA in Batu Pahat Zone, said that they were arrested at 1:30pm on June 6, 2014 14 nautical miles south-west of Tanjung Labuh.

He said that the fishermen aboard two fishing boats had encroached on Malaysian territorial water to engage in illegal fishing using drift nets.

Mohd. Haniff claimed that they were captured during Ops Jaksa and Ops Tiris 3.0 within Batu Pahat water.

He claimed that the Indonesian fisherman aged between 36 to 56 did not have valid documents of identification for entry into Malaysian waters.

Mohd. Haniff stated that the case was being investigated in accordance with Section 15(1)(a) (Fisheries Act 1958), for the lack of documents issued by Malaysian authorities allowing the fishing to be carried out within Malaysian waters.

He said that the fishermen were brought to MMEA Batu Pahat Zone to help with the investigation.

Mohd. Hanif urged anyone with information or complaints about maritime-related incidents and activities in Batu Pahat water to contact MMEA Batu Pahat Zone Hotline at 07-44344020, or MERS999 for emergency assistance.

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