Sony will release a PC adapter to the PlayStation VR2 at a price of $59.99 on 7th August.

Sony announced on August 7 that an adapter will be released that will allow PlayStation VR2 to be used with PC.

The PSVR2 was only compatible with the PlayStation 5 at the time of its release.

The company announced on its blog that the adapter costs US$59.99, or RM281, and will give PSVR2 users access to Steam’s vast library of virtual-reality games.

Further, it is noted that some PSVR2 features, including high dynamic range, headset feedback, eye-tracking, adaptive triggers and haptic input, are not supported by PC.

Other features, such as 4K visuals, foveated rendering and others, will continue to be available.

It is not yet known if Malaysia will release the adapter. The PSVR2 was launched in Malaysia in 2022.

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