Soon, the PPR abuse will be a national issue.

Nga Kor Ming, IPOH spokesperson, said that a nationwide operation will soon be launched to rid the country of those who rent their housing units at low prices illegally. (pic).

The Minister of Housing and Local Government said that his ministry found out that many owners have breached contracts by renting their units to other people, including illegal immigrants.

Nga stated that it was against the law to rent out such units.

The People’s Housing Project (PPR) is a social housing project heavily subsidised. The price per unit is RM300,000. However, buyers pay only RM45,000, and the rest of the cost is subsidised by government.

He said that when people apply for PPR, they claim to not have a home, but once they receive a unit they rent it to other people to make money.

He added, “I hope all owners will adhere to the rules and regulations of the agreement because the Ministry will not compromise with those who do not.”

He said that several locations had been identified as possible sites for the operation.

Nga stated that the Ministry has approved RM100mil for the upgrade and installation of new lifts.

The minister has urged the public, however, to avoid vandalism.

I hope that people don’t throw trash in the lifts or vandalise the lifts. In some cases they even urinate in them.

He said, “Please don’t make us install cameras inside the lifts unless it is a last-resort.”

Nga urged the residents of these flats to pay their maintenance fees promptly to ensure that facilities are maintained and provided.

Nga gave the example of a project that was not completed in Terengganu because some residents owed RM1.8mil to the council.

“Imagine how difficult it would be for people who live in 20-storey apartments to have to climb the stairs every day to reach their homes,” he said.

Nga said that the resurfaced roads project was constructed and maintained since 2004 by Pinji Botanics at a cost RM1.8mil. He hailed it as a smart private-public partnership in the new township.

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