SQ321 : Full refund to all passengers and minimum US$10,000 for injured passengers

SINGAPORE – Singapore Airlines will refund the full amount of airfare for all passengers who were on Flight SQ321, that experienced severe turbulence in December. This includes those who didn’t suffer any injuries.

In a post on Facebook made by the airline on Tuesday, June 11, it said that all passengers will also be entitled to compensation for delays in accordance with relevant European Union regulations or United Kingdom regulations.

SIA has said that those who have suffered minor injuries will receive US$10,000 in compensation (RM47200), while those with more serious injuries are invited to discuss a compensation package tailored to their individual circumstances.

Passengers who are medically deemed to have sustained serious injuries and require long-term care as well as financial assistance will receive an advance payment up to US$25,000 (RM118.081) for their immediate needs.

“This will form part of the final compensation these passengers will be receiving,” stated SIA.

The passengers will also receive S$1,000 each (RM3,480), to cover their immediate costs upon departure from Bangkok where the flight had been diverted due to the incident.

The airline also said that it had covered the medical costs of injured passengers and provided arrangements for family members to travel to Bangkok if requested.

SIA has confirmed that it sent the compensation offers to passengers via email on June 10, along with instructions on how they can proceed with their claims.

The airline said that passengers can contact it using the details provided and they will receive prompt assistance.

SQ321 was on its way to Singapore from London when, on the 20th of May, it experienced severe turbulence. The plane made an emergency divert to Bangkok, Thailand. The incident resulted in the death of one passenger and the injury of dozens.

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