Sungai Bakap By-election: Govt considers committee to prevent fake stories spreading

Fahmi Fadzil, Communications Minister, said that the government was considering the creation of a special committee in order to stop the spread fake news at the upcoming Sungai Bakap By-Election.

He stressed that it was important to stop misinformation which disparages the federal government’s efforts in helping the public.

He said, “God willing, we’ll do it in the next by-election” after the Sembang Santai Program with Komuniti Madani Chiefs on Thursday (6 June).

Fahmi, who is the government spokesman, said a team of Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and Information Department would monitor the polls.

Lembah Pantai’s MP denied the government was making sweet promises, particularly during the Sungai Bakap By-Election.

He told the community that he was on his way to Seri Mutiara to meet Penang Governor Tun Ahmed Fuzi Abdul Rasak in the evening.

Fahmi added that the issue of the federal ministers’ presence is irrelevant, since Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had instructed them to visit the people to assist in solving their problems.

He said, “I took the chance to listen and see some of the complaints that the community has to say.”

Fahmi said the government would continue to provide the best services to the people.

He spent an hour earlier listening to the chiefs of Komuniti madani at a café in Nibong Tebal.

Flooding and water shortages were among the complaints and grouses raised during the debate.

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