Sungai Benut: Search for missing fishermen underway

PONTIAN: A search and rescue operation (SAR) is currently underway to locate a missing fishing who fell in Sungai Benut.

The missing person has been identified by Supt Mohammad Shofee Tayib, OCPD Pontian. He said that 52-year old Samsudin Bachok had been missing since Monday (3rd June).

He said that Samsudin’s wife, 48 years old, lodged a complaint at 9:04am on June 4th as he failed to return home.

“The wife told me that the victim had left their home on Monday. He did not return, and she couldn’t find him. The victim did not have a mobile with him.

He said that his wife, who was unable to locate her husband’s bike, which was parked near a pallet plant in Sungai Benut on Tuesday, had reason to suspect the victim might have fallen into the river.

Supt Mohammad Shofee said that the wife told him her husband has a physical disability card because he limps on his right leg.

He said that he had checked with several fishermen and found out that they saw the victim on the riverbank at Sungai Benut, Monday evening. The SAR was called immediately around 11am.

Supt Mohammad Shofee said that 18 members of the Marine Police Region II (Police), Fire and Rescue Department, and Civil Defence Force participated in the operation.

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