Swiss farmers use drones for finding fawns that are hiding from equipment to protect them

FOREL (Switzerland): Before dawn, volunteers in the Swiss town Forel use drones to locate fawns or young deer nestled under tall grasses. This prevents farmers from accidentally harming the animals with heavy agricultural equipment.

The Vaud canton’s Fondation Sauvetage Faons took action after hundreds of fawns were killed or mutilated on Swiss agricultural fields.

The foundation offers a free service that has helped Stephan Kohl prevent future incidents after he was shocked to discover a dead fawn on his farm.

He said, “A little fawn was so small.” We all have cats and small dogs at home. Fawns can be cute too. “They are wild animals but they are still animals.”

The group was established in 2018 to alert farmers of the presence of fawns, so that they can avoid them when reaping or mowing their property.

Roger Stettler is a former banker and volunteer with the foundation. He said, “When the machine comes through, the baby fawn will be hit, and it will die.” “Our goal to make sure they are safe and not crushed is to locate them.”

When foraging for food, does tend to leave their fawns on the fields and return later with their offspring.

Fawns are vulnerable to farm machinery because they remain still, unlike deer and does, which will flee from noise.

Volunteers fly drones above the fields of farmers to use thermal imaging in order to detect fawns.

Volunteers search for fawns early in the morning, before the sun warms the grass. This allows them to identify the red blotches that appear on the drone’s camera.

Farmers can easily identify fawns by covering the young animal with a wooden box with a flag. Reuters

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