Teachers under investigation for alleged insulting posts

PETALING JAYA – The Pahang Education Department and the Integrity Unit of the Education Ministry are investigating a school teacher who allegedly posted scathing remarks, aimed at non-Muslims in particular, on Facebook.

Education Minister Fadhlina sidek confirmed an investigation was underway and said that stern actions will be taken against those who violate the rules and regulations set by the ministry.

She stated that teachers are civil servants and as such, they must adhere to all statutory requirements, which includes social media usage.

She said that social media should be used responsibly, and according to the guidelines set out for values and ethics.

The Malay Daily reported that a social media user, believed to be Pahang-based, made the comments in response to a post on Selangor’s emphasis on Islamic teachings according to Kitab Turath which contains the writings ancient scholars of Islam.

The teacher allegedly made a cynical remark, saying that it was useless for someone to read religious books, if they would vote for non Muslims in the end.

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