The appeals court in Georgia, U.S., has halted Trump’s 2020 elections case

WASHINGTON (Xinhua), June 5 – A U.S. appeals court in Georgia halted criminal proceedings in former U.S. president Donald Trump’s 2020 electoral subversion case on Wednesday while it reviewed appeals.

In August, Trump and 18 other people were indicted for allegedly trying to overturn the presidential election results in the state in the south-east of the United States. Trump has pleaded guilty and criticised the cases against as part of a political motivated attempt to prevent him from recapturing power.

The Georgia Court of Appeals issued the order after setting a tentative hearing date in October earlier this week. Trump and other co-defendants have claimed that the relationship between Fulton County District attorney Fani Willis and then-special prosecutor Nathan Wade created a conflict of interests.

CNN reported that Trump and his co-defendants have been trying to disqualify Willis from the case due to a romantic relationship that she had with Wade. Wade was the special prosecutor that she hired to handle the case. The defendants also claimed that Willis benefited financially from her relationship with Wade. Defense attorneys claim that Wade paid for several vacations that she and Wade took together.

CNN noted that the order was the latest sign that a trial for the Georgia state-level election subversion case would not take place before the presidential election in 2024.

Trump, the Republican Party’s presumed presidential candidate for 2024, has been charged in four separate criminal cases. Two of these were brought by the U.S. Justice Department and two others by state prosecutors from New York and Georgia. Georgia is the fourth criminal prosecution against Trump.

The Georgia Court of Appeals order was issued just days after Trump had been found guilty of felony crimes in the United States’ first criminal trial of a past president. A New York jury convicted Trump of felony crimes last week for falsifying 34 business records to conceal hush money payments to a pornstar in 2016. This was just before the presidential elections.

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