The disabled community is not ashamed of working as garbage collectors

SEREMBAN – Many people choose to work, but these three disabled individuals are willing to spend their days sunbathing in the heat or amongst the trash to earn money.

They are happy to be independent, and they earn a living by working for SWM Environment Sdn Bhd Negri Sembilan.

Mohd Hasif abd Rani, 37 years old, has hearing problems and said in an interview with SinarHarian that not everyone is suited to work as a public cleaner, which involves many risks, including weather conditions.

The biggest challenge comes when it is hot. To avoid complaints from the public, it is important to carry out the task well.

Mohd Hasif, who has been working in the cleaning department for the past two years, said: “Our world may be dirty but we get clean money that is halal.”

Mohd Hasif says that he is proud when he can live independently without relying on his parents or siblings for help.

Mohd Hasif also said that he can help his parents because he shares his monthly income.

Mohd. Aszmizan Mohd. Hasan, 34 is entitled to assistance from the Social Welfare Department. However, his parents have taught him that he should work hard to earn money and not solely rely on government assistance.

“I began my career as a solid-waste collection officer in 2015. I often accompanied my parents, who work at the same cleaning company.

“My parents taught to me how to live independently at a young age,” says Mohd Azmizan who has also hearing problems and difficulties in speaking.

Another hearing-impaired worker Mohd Rosazali, 42, also said that he was proud to have been able earn an income.

“I’m grateful to have my own car and be able live a normal, everyday life with everyone else.

“One of the things I dream of is having a family that will accept me for who I am.

“My family accepts my job as a cleaning professional and always gives me moral support so that I can do my work well,” said he.

Mohd Norlisam Mohd Nordin is the Corporate General Manager of SWM Environment Sdn Bhd. He said that 18 employees are disabled.

“The disabled can also use their power to make a contribution to the country, and the company will always be open to providing them with opportunities to earn income.

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