The late daughter of an entrepreneur and influencer is credited with success

M. Panimalar owes her entire success as a social-media entrepreneur and influencer, to her 12-year-old daughter Thanushiyaa who died last year.

Panimalar is almost 40 years old and said that her daughter, who lived with Alexander’s disease, was instrumental in gaining a large following on social media. This tool is essential for online businesses.

“I uploaded videos about my daughter to raise awareness of Alexander’s disease, and people began following me on social media,” said Panimalar, whose 11-year-old daughter Anushiyaa.

The Alexander disease causes progressive damage to the nervous system.

Panimalar became a Grab Driver in 2018 when her marriage ended. She transformed into a social media entrepreneur in 2020 during the Covid-19 Lockdown.

“I didn’t want to stay at home and do nothing during the lockdown, so I began exploring online business,” said Panimalar, who was formerly a homemaker.

She explained that initially, she made videos to promote kurti (Indian shirts) produced by a manufacturer and supplier of garments.

She said, “I received payment for the garments and I also noticed that they were of high quality. With an initial investment of RM2,000 I began selling the kurti on the internet.”

She also began to explore affiliate marketing, selling a variety of products, including vacuum cleaners, mops and whatever else caught her attention.

“I was able sell 500-1,000 units after each demonstration and the income was great,” said Panimalar. She also started affiliate marketing, in addition to the sale of the kurti items, which she designed herself.

Affiliate marketing involves people who have social media accounts helping to sell products without investing anything or even communicating with product owners in exchange for a commission.

After registering with the social media platform, they can create content on social media to promote their products.

Panimalar began training women to be affiliate marketers in order to earn more money.

“I teach affiliate marketing via social media and create content. I also hold classes on Zoom and one-to-one for those who are interested.

I have trained many women, and they all do well. “Most of them said they gained confidence by watching me sell on social media.”

According to Dr Ezlika Ezlika, Associate Professor of Business and Economics at Universiti Malaya Business and Economics faculty, affiliate marketing is growing rapidly in Malaysia due to the fact that people are very active on social media platforms.

She said that “Influencers, content creators, and affiliate marketers use these platforms to market products and services and increase the popularity of Affiliate Marketing.”

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