The Minister of Higher Education has announced that TVET students have a clear path to follow.

KUALA LUMPUR – Students of technical, vocational education and education (TVET) now have a clear educational pathway thanks to the Advanced TVET 2030 initiative by Malaysian Technical University Network.

The Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir ( picture ) announced that the initiative would allow students to pursue their studies at universities up to PhD level.

After completing their education in schools under the National TVET Council they can now continue on to community colleges.

He told reporters today, June 11, that after finishing college they could continue on to polytechnics, and if they wanted, we would open up applications for MTUN.

Zambry stated that the schools provide TVET at a basic level while the technical university offers high-level or advanced TVET.

He added, “We’ve worked together to create a path from the bottom up.”

He said that the initiative was also part of government efforts to eliminate the perception that TVET education is second class.

“I hope the society understands the government doesn’t differentiate between academic and vocational schools,” he said. He added that all students had the same potential.

The MTUN Advanced TVET 2030 initiative is a comprehensive educational initiative that focuses on talent development at the tertiary levels through technical expertise, entrepreneurial skills, and soft skills, in accordance with the Malaysian Qualifications Framework.

It is designed to develop a workforce with high-level technical and vocational skills to meet the needs of both local and international job markets.

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