The mural of Fan Bing Bing on Jonker Street has received praise

Sinchew daily reported that a vibrantly touched up mural of Fan Bing Bing was completed. Locals and tourists have praised its striking likeness.

The mural in Jonker Street depicts the actress as Empress Wu Zetian.

Ren DaChen was specially invited by Melaka to do the touch-up. Ren is a young Chinese painter from Tianjin.

Ren is a huge fan of Fan Bing Bing and draws her often.

Melaka’s local council workers completed Fan’s original mural on 7 June. Ren was invited to add color to Fan’s mouth and eyes, and to bring vibrancy to the portrait.

Ren, who was familiar with Fan’s portraits noted that Fan has an oval-shaped head, a sharp, pointed chin and long, elongated eye.

He also added flowers to the background, along with Chinese characters for “Fan Bing Bing” and “The Empress Of China”.

The mural, which measures 10 feet high and wide, was commissioned by Melaka Tourism Ambassador Fan Bing Bing.

Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri ab Rauf Yusoh said that the popular Chinese actress is expected to visit Melaka on June 14 where she will be officially appointed.

He said that the government of Melaka hopes Fan will attract tourists from China, and other Asian countries to Melaka.

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