The NSA has a recommendation for how often you should reboot your phone.

The use of mobile phones has become a necessity in modern society, but they are not without risk. Scammers and thieves can target mobile devices to steal sensitive data and access your funds.

You can protect yourself in many ways, but one of the easiest is the most effective.

Forbes reported recently on the best practices guidelines from the National Security Agency (the intelligence agency of the US Department of Defense). The document dates back to the year 2020 and outlines several ways to protect iPhones and Androids from hackers.

One of the simplest is to turn off your device completely every week. It is important to do this to prevent spearfishing attacks, in which hackers ask you to click on a link to install malware, or “zero-click” exploits, highly sophisticated and targeted hacks where criminals remotely take over your phone.

The rest of this guidance contains common tips, such as not clicking on links or opening emails from unknown sources. It also includes not using your cellphone to send sensitive text messages and not responding unexpectedly to pop-ups.

NSA advises users to use only trusted accessories such as charger cords and charging accessories from a reputable manufacturer. Users of cell phones are advised to turn off location services when not required.

Other suggestions to NSA Guidance

– Don’t connect to WiFi in public places and turn it off when not needed.

Consider using a protective cover that turns off the microphone. This will prevent a hot mic attack and block audio in the room. When not in use, cover the camera.

Install only applications from the application store. Close them when you are not using them and be careful of those that request personal information.

– When possible, update the device’s software and applications.

– Use biometrics to protect your data. – News Service

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