The proposed elevated highway between Juru and Sungai Dua is expected to cost RM1.8bil

Butterworth: It is estimated that the proposed elevated highway Juru-Sungai Dua will cost RM1.8bil to relieve congestion between Juru and Sungai Dua.

The Deputy Minister of Works Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan, ( pic), reported that the 15km long project had completed the first stage required for confirmation.

The state has requested this project in writing from the Federal Government. PLUS Malaysia then presented its proposal to the Public-Private Partnership Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department in February. Discussions are now underway. The next step, once confirmed, would be to seek Cabinet approval,” he said Tuesday (4 June).

Ahmad was optimistic about the project, noting its long-term potential benefits for Penang as well as the neighbouring states. Residents of these states frequently travel along the route and face heavy traffic.

“If Pak Lah, the former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmed Badawi is remembered for building the second Penang Bridge during his term (Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge), then I hope that the current PM (Datuk seri Anwar Ibrahim) would be remembered for the JSD.

Ahmad said, “Despite the expected challenges of construction on the existing highway, we remain hopeful as we already see the ‘light at end of the tunnel’ in this stage.”

Chow Kon Yeow, Penang’s Chief Minister, had earlier said that Anwar experienced the severe traffic congestion along the existing highway during a visit in February of this year.

“I brought Anwar, who was from Permatang Pauh, to Batu Kawan unintentionally to launch a project for an industrial park during rush hour. He felt the problem.

He said that the matter was brought up again in April, and the Public Works Department conducted surveys with other agencies at the section.

Chow presided over the Urban Road Seminar at Penang 2024, organised by Road Engineering Association Malaysia(REAM) here in Butterworth.

In his speech, Mr. Tan said that JSD was on his wish list for Penang. This is in addition to the Light Rail Transit project (LRT), which will begin construction at the end of this year.

Since years, the North-South Expressway stretch from Juru up to Sungai Dua has been a notorious bottleneck. It is a major obstacle for motorists travelling to the Penang Bridge and between Perak & Kedah.

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