The psychiatric evaluation of the driver of a lorry who pushed his lover to the 23rd floor has been extended

KUALA LUMPUR – The psychiatric evaluation of a lorrydriver who pushed off his Thai girlfriend from the 23rd level of a condominium in this city has been extended by one month.

Sivahnanthan Ragava acted on behalf of V. Nathan (37), who said that a specialist from Hospital Bahagia Tanjong Rambutan had requested the extension for one month to assess the mental state of the accused.

The doctor needs more time to examine the accused. This extension was granted under Section 342(4) Criminal Procedure Code.

The case was to be brought before Magistrate Mohamad Rezal Azhar Rezal at the Shah Alam Court this Friday (Mat 7), for an update of the psychiatric reports. The case was moved to the 9th of August, said Sivahnanthan. He was assisted by Cyrus Tiu Foo Wei.

The court ordered in April that the accused undergo psychiatric testing after Sivahnanthan submitted a request stating that the accused was having difficulty cooperating and following instructions for the murder charges he faces.

Nathan was accused of killing Mawika, 32, in a condominium at Jalan Setia Dagang, AH U13/AH Setia Alam at 10.02pm, on February 28.

If convicted, the charge is framed in Section 302 (Penal Code) and carries the death penalty, or a maximum of 40 years imprisonment, plus 12 strokes of a cane if the person was not sentenced to die.

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