The training module is designed to create a patriotic community

According to Akademi Kenegaraan Malaysia, the newly launched Malaysia Madani Nationhood Training module will consist of a three-day and two-night course. The aim is to build a community that shares Madani aspirations.

AKM, the Prime Minister’s Office’s AKM, announced that there will be both half-day and whole-day programs under this module.

AKM released a statement yesterday stating that the content of the module will include interactive nationhood activities and lectures, among other things. It will be delivered via discussions, interactive video, role-plays and more.

The module is expected to have both traditional and digital elements in order to encourage participation by all, but especially young people.

AKM stated that the module was designed to meet the needs of all parties and keep up with the times, while still focusing on the history and increasing understanding for the Federal Constitution. It also embodies values within the Rukun Negara.

“We hope that the module will serve as a reference and benchmark for future nationhood initiatives to be implemented by all audiences.

We hope that this will open up new opportunities for collaboration between AKM, other government agencies, statutory authorities, the private sector and non-governmental organizations and media practitioners.

It said: “We hope that this will create a patriotic, progressive Malaysian society to continue its efforts in developing the country.”

It added that the module was also tailored to meet the agenda and aspirations of Madani.

AKM was established officially in the first quarter of this year. The module was developed soon after the academy’s formation.

AKM, in order to optimise government expenditure, will also organize all upcoming nationhood programs, with the mission of empowering nationhood training on a comprehensive basis.

It said that “this ensures Malaysians will today have humanitarian values and appreciate well-being, creativity and respect, as well as being confident and respectful in developing the nation.”

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