Three hundred and twenty-five people detained in raids on worker’s settlements in Johor

The Johor Immigration Department arrested 325 illegal immigrants during raids at workers’ settlements in the area of Kampung Belokok and Jalan Lingkaran Dalam, both located in Johor Baru.

Jafri Ebok Taha, Deputy Director General (Operations), Immigration said that the first raid took place at 12.45am Saturday (8th June) by 140 officers and staff from the department.

“The raid on Kampung Belokok took place after we received a tip from the public that illegal immigrants were present in the area. The department’s personnel and drone unit then conducted surveillance for two weeks.

“A total 252 people have been inspected and 129 were arrested on various charges.

He said: “We also arrested an 62-year old local man for harboring illegal immigrants under Section 56(1)(d).”

The detained men included 30 men, including five from India, four from Indonesia, one from Pakistan, four from Myanmar and 84 from Bangladesh.

He said that those arrested were aged between 20 to 40. The settlement was about 500 meters from the construction site, where illegal immigrants worked.

He added, “Based on the progress of construction we also believe this settlement has only been in place for less than one year.”

Jafri, on the other hand, said the raid was conducted at 3:20am in a workers’ settlement close to Danga City Mall.

This was also based upon a tip-off from the public and two weeks of surveillance conducted by the Department.

The second raid was more extensive, involving 725 workers who were inspected. 198 people were arrested for different immigration offenses.

“Those arrested range in age from 25 to 40.” “We also arrested a local 35-year old man under Section 56(1) (d) of Immigration Act 1959/63,” said he.

In the second raid, 115 men were arrested from Bangladesh, 61 from Indonesia, 20 from Myanmar and one from Pakistan.

The team arrested a man who had a fake United Nations Refugees High Commissioner (UNHCR). “The man claimed to come from Myanmar but background checks revealed he was from Bangladesh,” said the officer.

The department’s headquarters in Setia Tropika Johor Baru has been contacted to obtain documentation on all those arrested.

He said that employers should always make sure that they are hiring foreign workers from legal sources. Some of the immigrants were injured while trying to avoid arrest.

The case is under investigation under Sections 6(1)(c), and Section 15(1) (c), of the Immigration Act of 1960/63, for entry into the country without valid documents of travel and overstaying.

The operation was conducted in conjunction with other agencies, including the National Registration Department, Civil Defence Force, National Anti-Drugs Agency, and Rela.

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