Three missing people found on hiking trail in Kenaboi Park, Negri

JELEBU: Three lost foreigners were rescued at Kenaboi State Park, near here. They got lost near Gunung Besar Hantu.

The Mexican, Ecuadorian and British citizens were discovered at around 1.40pm Tuesday (4th June) on a hiking trail in the vicinity of Jeram Dinding.

He said that the Malaysian woman of a Mexican man filed a police report on Monday, June 3, after failing to contact her husband.

The woman said that they had ridden from Kuala Lumpur via Genting Peras to Jelebu.

When she checked her GPS (global position system) last at 4.40pm she discovered that the friends were already in Chennah, Jelebu.

He said that when she later tried to find them, she couldn’t.

The woman also failed to reach her husband’s mobile phone, according to the spokesman.

He said that the Jelebu Fire and Rescue Department had received a phone call around 8am on Tuesday and sent a team to locate the missing men.

He added that the team also included STORM personnel (Special Tactical Operations and Rescue Team).

Five hours after the rescue team’s arrival, the trio was found.

The spokesman stated that the two were not injured and taken to the operations center.

According to the spokesperson, police, Civil Defence Force and Forestry Department also participated in this operation.

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