Three speedboats docked in Sarawak are destroyed by fire

A fire broke out early on Thursday morning (6 June) and destroyed three speedboats that were moored to the Sarikei Jetty at Jalan Khoo Peng Long.

In its daily report, the Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department reported that it received a distress call at 1.32am about the fire.

Mansur Kinit (PBK II, KUP), a member of the PBK II (KUP), led a team of firefighters dispatched from Sibu Central Station to the scene.

The fire destroyed three speedboats that were anchored on the jetty.

Firefighters used foam and water from the river to put out the flames.

The incident did not result in any injuries.

Investigations are still ongoing to determine the cause of this fire.

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