Tour bus operators urged to expand diesel subsidy

PUTRAJAYA – The Malaysian Inbound Tourism Association, (Mita), on Tuesday (June 11,) appealed to the government to expand diesel subsidies to tour bus operators.

Mita President Leong Hoon-Min said that this was due to the fact that the targeted diesel subsidies, which resulted in an increase of diesel prices, had led to a dramatic increase of operating costs for tour buses, thus burdening operators.

The RM1.20 increase in diesel prices is too much for us. It could affect the cost of tour packages that we have pre-booked, and they may be cancelled.

She told a news conference today that “everyone knows the tourism industry has been slowly recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Leong said that the government’s decision to exclude tour bus operators from the implementation of targeted diesel subsidies was’shocking.’

Chong Sin Wah, the Chairman of the Peninsular Malaysia Tour Bus Operators’ Association, also shared the same sentiment. He said that the rise in diesel prices could indirectly contribute to a decline in tourism in the nation.

He said that quotes for tour packages or contracts issued to customers in this month could not be withdrawn as full payment was already made.

Leong and Chong, along with more than twenty tour bus operators, submitted a letter to Datuk Seri Ting King Sing, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, regarding the diesel subvention application.

Mohd. Yusri Mohd. Yusoff, Deputy Secretary General (Culture), Ministry of Culture received the letter.

Diesel prices in Peninsula Malaysia have been set at RM3.35 a litre since yesterday, following the implementation the targeted diesel subsidies method.

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