Traffic on major highways is slow-moving ahead of Aidiladha

KUALA LUMPUR – Traffic on major highways has been reported to be slow due to the increase in vehicles before Hari Raya Aidiladha, which is being celebrated this Monday (17th June).

From 1pm, Saturday (15th June), there was a noticeable increase of vehicles leaving the capital. Slow traffic has been reported on both the North-South Expressway and Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway.

According to a spokesperson for the Malaysian Highway Authority, traffic is slow in both directions northbound between Skudai and Kulai as well as from Bukit Beruntung up to Bukit Tagar.

The spokesperson for Bernama said today that several accidents were reported northbound between Taiping and Bukit Merah. This caused slow traffic at KM191 KM162.5.

You can get the latest traffic updates by calling the PLUSLine toll-free at 1-800-88 0000, or using the X-platform @plustrafik. The MHA hotline is also available at 1-800-88 7752, and you can use the X-platform @llmtrafik.

In Gua Musang in Kelantan the traffic flow is still smooth at the state-border entrance despite an increase of vehicles since yesterday night.

Supt Sik Choon Foo, the chief of police for Gua Musang District, said that proactive measures were taken, such as a traffic divert in Kampung Metara, to reduce traffic into the district.

He also said that the police would extend Op Lancar until June 20 in Gua Musang, even though it is planned to end June 17 for the entire operation.

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