Twelve orphaned Elephants Reintroduced to Wild in Botswana

GABORONE (Xinhua), June 5 – After spending years in care at Elephant Havens orphanage, located in northern Botswana, 12 orphaned or injured elephants were reintroduced to the wild.

Akanyang Mosabata is the senior elephant handler of the orphanage centre. He told Xinhua on Wednesday in a phone interview that the babies were abandoned when they could not survive on their on.

“We are pleased that they are adapting well to the wild,” said Mosabata. He added that orphaned African elephants had been moved into soft release areas for 10 years as a group where they were taught to explore, play and forage together without constant interaction with their handlers.

According to Mosabata, the released elephants had a tracking collar attached to them. This collar is a form of artificial intelligence that can be used to monitor and analyze mammal animal behavior.

Elephant Havens was founded in 2017 and is thought to be the sole elephant orphanage within the country of southern Africa. The orphanage is located along the banks of the Gomoti River, at the edge the Okavango Delta. It provides daily care and companionship to orphaned babies elephants.

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