Two Chinese nationals with disabilities are rescued from JB begging syndicate

JOHOR BAHRU: The police rescued two Chinese citizens with special needs from being forced to beg at a night market.

Asst Comm Raub – Johor Baru South OCPD said that they were rescued after the arrest of two locals who were members in the syndicate on Thursday (June 13, 2016).

After receiving a tip, the police carried out checks in a night-market area of Setia Indah where they discovered a foreigner with disabilities beggin.

“One of the suspected, a local, was found at the night market. He was arrested.”

He said that “Further investigation led the police raid a home in Johor Jaya where they found another disabled foreigner who was also believed to be used as a begging,” in a Saturday (15 June) statement.

He claimed that the police were led to a second location in Taman Seri Austin where they discovered a woman aged 48.

He said that the duo was suspected of exploiting two Chinese special needs men and had been arrested to conduct further investigations.

He stated that the case was being investigated under Section 14 (Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling Migrants) 2007 which carries a penalty of life imprisonment, or a minimum five-year prison sentence and whippings.

In a separate case, ACP Raud reported that four men were arrested, including three foreigners on Thursday, June 13th, for smuggling illegal alcohol and cigarettes.

The suspects were arrested in separate locations around Taman Daya.

At the first location we found and confiscated 81 boxes of alcohol of different brands and 46 cartons cigarettes. The estimated value of the untaxed products is about RM35,000.

“A local and 2 foreigners were arrested in the raid.”

In the second raid another foreigner was also arrested. He said that 1,083 alcohol boxes worth about RM55,000 were also seized.

He said that the two buildings were used for smuggling and transit centers.

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