Two suspects are killed in a shooting incident in Johor Baru

JOHOR BAHRU: Police confirmed that two suspects died in a shootout with police officers on Friday, June 14.

Comm M.Kumar, the chief of police in Johor, said that one of the two suspects is a 42-year old man with more than 30 criminal records. The identity of the other suspect has not yet been determined.

“Police from Bukit Aman Criminal Investigative Unit (D14), and Johor Special Investigation Unit (D9), were following a car in white that was driving suspiciously.

When the suspects realized that they were being pursued, they ran away and fired multiple shots at the officers. “The police fired until the situation was secure,” he stated in an early morning statement on Saturday, June 15th.

He said that two guns were found in the vehicle, one of which was on the body one of the suspects.

The car was checked after the shooting and it was found that both suspects were dead. The car also contained two guns and substances that were believed to be drugs.

“One of our suspects is 42-year-old with 38 criminal records, including drug offenses and crimes.

The identity of the second suspected has not yet been confirmed, as there were no identification documents found on him. He added that the case was being investigated for attempted murder under Section 307 (Penal Code).

The Star reported on Friday, June 14, that two men who were wanted had been killed in a shooting at Taman Abad.

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