U.S. strategic Bomber Drops Precision Weapon in Drills with South Korea Fighters

SEOUL (Reuters ) – On Wednesday, a U.S. B-1 Strategic Bomber dropped a guided JDAM weapon that is used in conjunction with the so-called “bunker-busting munitions” by South Korean and U.S. Fighter Jets during a training flight over the Korean Peninsula. The South’s Defence Ministry confirmed this.

The drill was conducted a day after South Korea announced it would resume all military activities on the border with North Korea after suspending the 2018 military agreement that was intended to ease tensions and prevent military clashes.

In a press release, the Ministry of Defence said that the JDAM (or Joint Direct Attack Munition) was used for the first seven years to demonstrate its precision strike capability around the peninsula.

The U.S. Air Force stated that it uses a guidance unit to convert unguided bombs in free fall, such as the BLU109 penetrator, into precision munitions.

The ministry has not specified the exact location of the flight. The ministry said that South Korean F-15Ks flew with the B-1 in drills where U.S. Stealth F-35 Stealth jets and F-16s participated.

The North launched hundreds of balloons carrying garbage into the South. It was an unacceptable act of provocation, and the South had no choice but suspend the military agreement.

Last year, North Korea said it no longer adhered to the agreement.

A South Korean government official said that the Marines of South Korea plan to conduct a live-fire drill on isolated islands off the west coast, near the maritime boundary disputed by North Korea, using K-9 mechanised gunnery.

In the past, the sensitive sea border was the site of deadly clashes between South Korean and North Korean artillery and naval units.

In response to North Korea’s weapon testing, which included ballistic missile launches as well as tactical weapons firings, the South Korean and U.S. military have increased training exercises.

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